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Ex. "Barack Obama". Put a given name first, then a family name. Use the auto-complete function if it pops up, thus helping avoid different notations.
Ex. "GAIA (Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives)". Put the acronym first followed by the full notation with parentheses.
Ex. "Barack Obama, GAIA (Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives)". Use a comma for multiple authors. List all the names (sometimes both individual's and organization's names) to enable optimal search.
Leave blank if unknown.
*Scientific journal articles only. Provide the source (journal name, year, month).
  • "Factsheet" for all the short (5 pages or less), useful materials.
  • "Press" for media coverage, press releases, newsletters, petition letters, public statements, declarations etc.
  • "Report&Data" for all longer documents except scientific journal articles.
  • "Practical resources" for guides, toolkits, educational resources etc.
* DON'T UPLOAD A COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL WITHOUT AUTHOR'S PERMISSION! Be especially cautious about scientific journals which prohibit
circulation of articles without subscription. In such a case, just show a link in the "Short description" box above.