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The Impact of Cement Kilns on the Environment

Groundwork's report on the impacts of cement kilns on the environment. Overview of toxic emissions from cement kilns etc.

Asia’s waste-to-energy revenue to increase five fold

The Asia Pacific region is set to lead the global waste-to-energy market by the end of this year, according to new estimates by Pike Research released on Tuesday. The industry is set to triple its revenue from $4.2 billion to almost 13

TSP, PM depositions, and trace elements in the vicinity of a cement plant and their source apportionments using chemical mass balance model in Izmir, Turkey

Total suspended particles mass concentrations (TSP) and bulk depositions of particulate matter (PM depositions) were measured around a cement plant located in the multi-impacted area to assess the affect of the plant on the ambientair

What is single-stream recycling?

Single-stream recycling is a system in which all recyclables, including newspaper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, junk mail, etc., are placed in a single bin or cart for recycling. These recyclables are collected by a single truck and t